Dominica Beaches

Over the years, beaches in Dominica have undergone the criticism and scorn of many since they were only identified as being among the few unsightly black sand beaches, which generally are regarded as “unsuitable” for vacation.

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Today however, in the drive towards saving and protecting the environment, wildlife and mankind due to the negative effects of global warming and climate change, Dominica has become one of the most outstanding countries in the world as a result of its natural volcanic features.

It is not without reason that the island has acquired the name “Nature Island of the Caribbean”. Its terrain is rugged, but this is translated into lush green vegetation, valleys, abundant rainfall, fertile soil and protected wildlife species; beauty which is not limited to the land above sea, but also stretches out to the two bodies of water that surround the island: the Caribbean Sea, of the calm eastern coastlines, and the Atlantic Ocean, on the wave battered shores of the west.

Having given birth to some of the world’s most spectacular underwater pinnacles, sheer walls, reefs, sponges and maritime life, Dominica’s volcanic features are no longer scorned out of ignorance and today are receiving the praises of many.

Beaches in Dominica, are thus among the most unique as a result of their diversity of sands ranging from fine black lava, sparkling silver, bright yellow, light to dark brown, including iridescent pink and white sands of crushed shells and corals found on various parts of the island, and extend for several miles. Here, the discussion does not limit itself to white sands and shallow waters, but encompasses a diversity of flora and fauna, marine life, volcanic sub-aquatic fumaroles, rivers that flow into the sea from interior rain forests that extend to the coast, and red rock formation on coastal cliff edges. It is also helpful to know that black sand created by lava is great for relaxation as it massages the inner sole of the feet, and provide an excellent scrub for the back, arms, chest and legs.

Some of the most common beaches found on the island include The Coconut Beach, The Purple Turtle, Castaways Beach, Batalie Beach, Mero Beach, Woodford Hill Beach, and Castle Bruce Beach, many of which have freshwater rivers flowing to them or unique red rock formations. Also, in the southern village of Soufriere, which is well known for its sulfur springs and lakes, bubbling sub-aquatic springs are found in the shallow parts of the sea, giving the most remarkable experience of soaking in hot (the temperatures are bearable as cool sea water continuously flows in) then cool water by swimming just a few feet away.

The sheltered southern waters of Dominica provide an ideal calving and breeding ground for Sperm Whales, and have become a popular sanctuary for Spotted, Bottlenosed and Spinner Dolphins, Pilot, Pygmy, False Killer and Humpback Whales. Whale watching trips are thus one of the highlighted marine activities on the island, to the extent that it is also being popularly referred to as the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean.

Several marine excursions for snorkeling, kayaking, tubing, canoeing and scuba diving are also organized by licensed dive operators such as the Anchorage Dive Center, Cabrits Dive Center, Dive Dominica Ltd., and the Sunset Bay Club Dive Center, to name a few. In the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Scuba Diving Reader’s Choice annual exclusive reports, Dominica was rated among the five top dive destinations in the world, and has been ranked among the top ten countries for Top Marine Life, Top Healthiest Marine Environment, Top Underwater Photography and number one in Macro Life. Within the Caribbean region and Atlantic, the seas of Dominica were ranked number one for Top Small Animal Life, Healthiest Marine and Top Marine Life.

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