Anchorage Hotel Whale Watch & Dive Center

Located in tranquil Loubiere along the coast of one the top 5 dive destinations in the world, the Dominica Anchorage Hotel represents on of the premier hotels on the island. Dominica’s Anchorage Hotel is ideal for families, friends and adventure lovers who are searching for an excellent get away!

Spacious accommodation, pleasant and professional staff, beautiful natural surroundings and tasty Caribbean cuisine underlies the Anchorage Experience.

All rooms are exotically furnished, and are fully sustained. They provide air conditioning, ironing facilities, cable television, free high speed internet access, telephone and coffee makers.

The Anchorage Hotel features special facilities such as The Ocean Terrace Restaurant that overlooks the amazing Caribbean Sea, offers the most spectacular sunset view and sets the right ambience for romantic or family dinners. The Carib Bar is the perfect sitting room that is stunningly furnished with large comfy chairs, provides a wide selection of reading material and board games. The Carib Bar transforms into the ideal lounge bar at nights, and comes to life on Thursday evenings with melodious Caribbean and jazz rhythms and tasty steak and barbecue dishes.

Great restaurant in Roseau offers a wide selection of dishes and drinks. Fusion Village Menu is prepared using only organic, freshly planted green herbs and spices.

The Anchorage Hotel Whale Watch & Dive Center’s Bar Side Swimming Pool allows you to indulge in some of the fine experiences of life, while you simply relax and sip on exotic fruit cocktail, to be then lured to bed in the comfort of your hibiscus room.

Come experience Dominica’s extraordinary under water life as you snorkel your way through the island’s waters. Get first hand views of turtles, octopus, electric rays and other exotic marine life, as well as unique experiences through exciting whale watching boat trips, before which the Anchorage Whale Watch and Dive Center’s professional staff give orientations before heading to the “Champagne” aboard the spacious sixty foot powered catamaran “Miser’s Dream” or 75’ sailing catamaran “Passion”.

“Champagne”, located at the south of the island, is approximately twenty minutes away. This beach acquired it name as a result of the numerous warm bubbles that rise to the sea’s surface from submarine fumaroles. The wonderful massaging experience is next to none in the world and provides an environmentally sound and secure home for innumerable species of exotic fish such as the black soldier fish, turtles, barracudas, rays, eels, trumpet fish, parrot fish and sea horses. The Anchorage Hotel Dive & Whale Watch can be contacted at (1 767) 448 2638 or fax (1 767) 448 5680, and can be reached at Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center, Castle Comfort, P.O. Box 34, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica.

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Dominica is well known for the principles that it has set in the preservation of nature, and is a premier destination for the sighting of the deep diving Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales which visit the shores on a regularly as well as Pygmy Sperm, False Killer Whales, Atlantic Bottlenose Spinner Dolphins. Dominica offers an experience that defies the banal expensive vacation trips and warmly extends its welcome. No one is left idle or out, as professional dive classes are available for kids and adults alike. All sea guides and sailors are PADI Diver Masters and ensure that everyone receives his full share of fun and security.

Whatever may be your idea of fun — lazing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and shopping — The Anchorage Hotel Dive & Whale Watch accommodates your every need!

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