Jungle Bay Resort & Spa

The Jungle Bay Resort & Spa has won the favor of and gained widespread popularity among nature lovers who come from all over the world to the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica. The Jungle Bay Resort & Spa has received excellent visitor reviews that have been published via the internet and international press.

Jungle Bay Resort’s mission is “to enhance the natural environment and improve the livelihood of surrounding communities so that the region is improved in a sustainable way, while providing quality, comfortable nature-based experiences for guests”. This ideal has been carefully integrated into the general theme of becoming one with nature, and designed according to international sustainable tourism guidelines and standards. It thus seeks to promote good healthy lifestyles, wellness and nature based activities that are founded on the principles established by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES).

Jungle Bay Resort & Spa offers spacious accommodation, and is comprised of thirty — five rustically yet elegantly designed tropical hardwood cottages that are randomly spread throughout the forest where several indigenous trees such as the gommier and cedar are found. Each cottage has its own telephone, sitting area, facilities for preparing tea and coffee, fans and a mini — refrigerator. Bathrooms are found en-suite and are adjacent to the shower which is placed semi indoor. Carefully structured stone staircases and a series of footpaths lead to each cottage.

The resort’s facilities include a visitor center that houses the Jungle Bay Yoga Center, comprised of two yoga studios measuring 2400 and 1000 square feet, a Coconut Bar & Activities Center, Volcanic Stone Finished Swimming Pool and a Beach Bar & Sun Deck.

In keeping with the Jungle Bay’s principles, Samuel and Glenda Raphael, both natives of the Nature Isle of Dominica and proud owners of this wonderful complex, have already marked the site for the construction of The House of Hope, a “special needs” home that will become the home of disabled children without parents, abandoned elderly persons and battered women and children in crisis. This project will be undertaken in three main phases when a facility for each one of these groups will be constructed. Samuel and Glenda have openly expressed their concern for the needy in the southeast of the island, where the resort is located, by generously contributing to charity programs for indigent disabled children. To become part of this wonderful experience, the Jungle Bay Resort & Spa will be most pleased to work along with you. Should you have any queries or require information, write to mailing address Jungle Bay Resort & Spa, P.O. Box 2352, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies or send an e-mail to info@junglebaydominica.com, or contact telephone numbers (1 767) 446 17899, or at fax (1 767) 446 1090, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Indulge in the exotic jungle experience!

Yoga, Tai Chi and other holistic vacation retreats form an important part of the activities and events held at Jungle Bay. Besides the serene surroundings, early morning yoga and meditation, whether performed on the coast or indoors, is conducted by a professionally trained group of yoga teachers and trainers who are based at the resort. Yoga sessions also often feature international experts who fly in on a regular basis.

Several adventure trips are also organized to the lovely interiors and sites of Dominica by the staff of Jungle Bay Resort & Spa. Mountain biking, snorkeling, sea kayaking, visits to various waterfalls, sulfur springs and fresh water lakes also form part of the Jungle Bay experience. Guests are taken to enjoy the island for what it’s worth; it’s natural splendor, lush vegetation and abundant water. Weekly activities include the Petite Soufriere Bay Hike, Victoria Falls Hike, Caribbean Cooking Class, the Dominica “Rum Shop” Heritage Tour, which features a visit to an old — fashioned bay oil distillery that uses the traditional fire wood technique, the Grand Soufriere Sulphur Springs Trail, and the Dominican heritage music “Jing Ping”, among others.

Access to the resort is facilitated by organized pick-ups from the airport, taxi or rental services. Experiencing the glory of the Nature Isle, while being accommodated at this exotic resort, is just an e — mail or phone call away.

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