Red Rock Haven

Red Rock Haven Resort sits high above the sandy Calibishie beach- Point Baptiste beach. The style of this Dominica Hotel emits an inspiring and most enriching spiritual and inner beauty. This unique beach hotel has Ocean villas that offer grand and spectacular ocean views. The walls of each personal residence is crafted from local stone and the villas are decorated with handcrafted hardwood cabinetry and floors. The elegantly designed residences at the Red Rock Haven Hotel in Dominica “captures the elegance of a bygone era”, and is certainly appointed to meet the needs of modern travelers.

The featured Escape Beach Bar and Grill at the Red Rock Hotel (Dominica), is nestled in a coconut grove and pleasurable tropical drinks and delicious food are served up in a tranquil and gracious ambiance. The picturesque and secluded Calibishie beach, called Pointe Baptiste Beach is literally steps away.

In the coconut grove above the restaurant Red Rock Haven Hotel welcomes their guest in the Bamboo Guest Room with a large wrapping verandah.

The beach villas at Red Rock Haven Hotel in Dominica have access to the infinity pool, or their own personal indoor/outdoor plunge pools built from large rocks found on island. Villas are self contained with a large kitchens with views that make personal dining a pleasure. There are beautifully ornamented indoor and outdoor sitting areas.

In the heart of the Red Rick haven estate is the Garden Cottage. A live-in feature built entirely of solid stone. The cherry wood floors and hand crafted jalousie shutters are key architectural features that ring in the old world charm. This cottage has custom built kitchen cabinetry and an expanse of covered outdoor living areas with ocean views and lush tropical gardens.

The Red Rock Haven Hotel is named after the majestic red (clay) rocks that are found protruding along that stretch of coastal areas in Dominica. Long ago, the locals in the area referred to that area on a whole as Red Rock. Red Rock Hotel in Dominica is a recent Dominica hotel, and one of the best beach hotels in Dominica.

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