Dominica Calibishie Beach

The Calibishie Beach is located in the village of Calibishie, which is one of the most beautiful and scenic villages found in the north east of Dominica, and is protected by the only barrier reef on the island. According to local historian, Dr. Lennox Honychurch, “Calibishie” is a Carib word which translates to nets of reef. For as far back as many persons can remember Calibishie, has always been a fishing village.

The village was first settled by the native Caribs or Kalinago people who survived on the resources of the nearby reef such as fresh fish for preparing meals and coral for producing craft items on which to earn a living. With the arrival of the Europeans the natives began to move to the east of the country. Today most persons in the village sustain themselves on agricultural farming, the tourist industry and fishing. The village is approximately one hour fifteen minutes drive from the capital Roseau and about 40 minutes away from Melville Hall Airport.

A delightful surprise awaits the lovers of sea, sand and sun at the Calibishie Beach with its bright blue skies, breathtaking golden sands and friendly waters. Beautiful red cliffs, towering mountain tops, tropical green lush rain forests surround the Calibishie Beach and simultaneously provide the heat needed for a wonderful bronzing experience, cool fresh air and relaxation in sheer beauty. Calibishie Beach gives sufficient privacy in an area which is kept safe and secure by friendly local security agencies. Furthermore, unlike many other beaches in the Caribbean there is no overcrowding and this enhances the beach’s intimacy.

The Calibishie Beach forms part of a chain of golden and white sand beaches situated in the village of Calibishie such as the Batibou Beach, Pointe Beach and Hodges Bay. Witnessing the golden sunset on any one of these beaches is a truly magnificent experience. In fact, the neighboring French islands of Guadeloupe, Marie Galante and Les Saintes can be clearly seen in the horizon on a bright sunny day.

Developments around the Calibishie Beach include a range of guest houses, apartments, lodges and villas, namely, the Calibishie Lodges, Pointe Baptiste Guest House, Sea Cliff Cottages, Wind Blow Estate and Lima Cottage, which are all skillfully managed with excellent hospitality and professionalism.

The village of Calibishie is well sustained and provides numerous business facilities. For example, banking can be done at the local Credit Union but services such as ATM withdrawals and other more complicated transactions can be done at banks in the nearby town of Portsmouth. The Calibishie Beach has numerous trained Tour guides who are always willing to take persons on tours within the village and surrounding areas.

Calibishie Beach is a spectacular beach and attracts a great number of locals and visitors from around the world. The streets of the community of Calibishie are adorned with colorful, beautiful well kept hedges which reflect the pride of a united community. Calibishie Beach is a nature lover’s paradise, and this is coupled with its nearby village which showcases the friendliness and warmth of the Dominican people.

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