Dominica Champagne Beach

The Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica, invites adventure seekers and nature lovers to visit its lovely Champagne Beach, which lies in southern part of the island, Soufriere.

The southern end of Dominica is well known for its natural attractions such as sulfur springs and boiling lakes. This part of the island presents great potential for the exploitation of geothermal energy which offers several advantages over traditional fuel based sources.

The volcanic nature of the south extends itself to the coast which has been highlighted as one of the best spots for diving in the world. Pinnacles and sheer walls are home of a myriad of species of marine life such as frogfish, flying gurnards, sting rays, lobsters, shrimps, turtles, yellow tube, barrel and vase sponges including reefs.

Among the various diving spots, with the three principle areas located on the West Coast, South, Central and North of the island, Champagne constitutes one of the most extraordinary. It has been ranked as one of the top 5 diving spots in the world by the annual international dive report. The Champagne is a bulky granite reef that lies roughly 100 meters off shore, and begins at a depth of approximately 3’ with the main dive reef drop off of 80’.

Besides granting access to the island’s unique underwater world, Dominica’s Champagne Beach affords the natural luxury of kayaking, rubber tubing, surfing and snorkeling in the deep blue waters, while being able to comfortably relax in natural Jacuzzis created by underwater hot springs which bubble to the surface just as champagnes do; hence the name Champagne Beach. These warm bubbles offer the most exquisite geothermal massages, and help soothe the mind and body. Warm sulfur or refreshing sea baths can be taken simultaneously in the shallow parts of the sea shore.

Towering coconut trees line the shores and offer shade from the heat of the sun, along with large brilliantly hand painted umbrellas and chairs that are placed in an orderly fashion for the comfort of visitors.

Future development projects for the area will include enhanced shower facilities, shopping malls, ranchons, restaurants, and five star resorts that overlook the ocean. All of this will be within a secluded fully sustained area where tourists are able to privately enjoy themselves. There, the sale of goods to tourists has been regulated by the Government and vendors are not permitted to roam the beach and establish stalls or sell from baskets.

The protection of foreign visitors has always been the island’s priority and the necessary security measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all. Tourists are free to contact the local security agents or the police should they feel unsafe or insecure for any reason.

Weekly entertainment on this part of the island includes live local reggae and jazz groups, karaoke, and cultural performances showcased by the various theatrical, dance groups and choirs. There is never a dull moment at Champagne Beach, be it under water, on water or land.

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