Dominica Coconut Beach

Dominica’s Coconut Beach acquired its name after the numerous coconut palm trees that not only overshadow the waterfront, but are also commonly found in the Picard Estate, a property of several acres of flat land that surround the beach area.

Like many of the gray, black, pink and light brown sand beaches found on the island, this beach is famous for its stretches of fine light brown sand and shallow aquamarine waters.

Nestled in the town of Portsmouth in the northern end of the island, the Coconut Beach presents the ideal location for viewing the neighboring French islands of Les Saintes and Marie Galante, and even Guadeloupe which appears to be more of a shadowy glare, on clear days, particularly in the early evening and at dawn. Though far beyond the horizon, these islands appear to be just a few moments of swimming or sailing away, and gives one the desire of immediately paying a brief visit.

However, do not be dismayed, as this wish can still be fulfilled with an hour long boat ride, made possible by affordable yachting and ferry services that are available for traveling to these exotic islands. Excursions are also regularly organized for visitors and locals alike for shopping, business and leisure purposes. Air plane travel is also available from either of the island’s two airports, with daily fifteen minute flights.

The Coconut Beach is very popular among visitors, and foreign students who pursue medical studies at the Ross University (now owned by Devry), and is approximately thirty-five minutes away from Roseau, the capital. It is thus one of the hottest beach spots on the island for kayaking races, horseback riding, jet skiing, yachting, sun tanning, tumbling and beach volley ball.

Visitors do not necessarily have to come through by airplane or the main cruise ship berth in the capital, as this beach is easily accessed via the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth, which is the second major cruise ship terminal on the island. Stop over tourists are able to try clean refreshing Dominican waters by taking quick dips before returning on their journeys.

A day or just a few moments at the beach can evolve into an exciting trip or adventurous experience as nearby villages and tourist attractions can be visited. These include the coastal communities, and the Cabrits, which can be reached by vehicular access only ten minutes away. There, several historical sites such as fortresses and battle grounds have been preserved and rehabilitated, and are among the most interesting attractions on the island, which offer the most spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

The roads leading to the Cabrits and surrounding areas are well maintained, and a wide range of international and local car rental agencies, such as Budget, Bonus, Best Deal, Courtesy and Courtesy Car Rentals are readily available for meeting visitor’s traveling needs. Yachting facilities at the beach also enable yachting enthusiasts and sailors to stay over, or navigate their way through the friendly shores of the island.

Tourists wishing to spend their vacation on this lovely beach are free to indulge in the ultimate vacation pampering of the well trained staff of the Coconut Beach Hotel, a family-owned enterprise that offers excellent service, great food and luxurious surroundings.

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