Dominica Mero Beach

Dominica is a very mountainous island that offers several wonders that range from crystal clear rivers, lush green vegetation and deep blue seas.

The Mero Beach is named after the small town of Mero, which is located on the west coast of the island, and lies north of the Layou River, in very clean and secure surroundings.

This beach offers evidence of the island’s volcanic nature that can be seen in the black sand laden with fine silvery grains that sparkle in the radiant sunlight and add romantic flair against the lucent moon at nights.

During the day, this is an ideal location for the visitor who wishes to relax and have fun while interacting with local inhabitants in nearby pubs and restaurants. It is vibrant, brightly adorned with picnic baskets, beach towels and umbrellas, and always filled with playful young men and women as well as tourists, who part take in fun activities such as volley ball, dodge ball, cricket, soccer, kayaking and boat racing.

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At night, the Mero Beach is transformed into a romantic haven, as nature comes to life. Various species of glowing fire flies guide your foot steps in the smooth sands that lead to waters that are warmed in the evenings from the heat retained within the earth after a long day of tropical sunshine.

Light cuts through the dark as luminous bubbles of warm air arise from the sea’s floor to its surface and caress your toes, back and neck, teasing your senses and easing your mind. This is the only chill to be experienced; not that of water with reduced temperatures as a result of unfriendly winds. Visiting the Mero Beach at night with a loved one is surely one of the most unique escapes that can only be experienced in a land where nature abounds.

The voices and laughter of jovial men and women can be heard from a distance from the local pubs and bars that align the main streets in the nearby communities. Melodious sounds of tropical French rhythms, soca, reggae and calypso complement the ambience while offering a sense of security and giving the meaning of true island life. Toward the upper southern tip, the hillsides that lead to other communities are outlined by the flashing lights of vehicles as they drive by in the dark.

Whenever visiting the Nature Island of Dominica, do not think twice; just simply indulge yourself in this wonderful experience. Meet the community folk, learn local slangs, jokes, riddles, and savor freshly fried fish, lobster and other tropical sea food dishes prepared from fresh catch.

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