Dominica Purple Turtle Beach

The Purple Turtle Beach represents one of Dominica’s finest beaches located in Portsmouth, the northern part of the island. Purple Turtle Beach has about two miles of light brown sand, very warm shallow waters, and is an ideal spot for mooring, family picnics, beach parties, sun tanning, swimming and group gatherings.

Purple Turtle, as it is commonly called by local inhabitants, tends to attract very large crowds of people on feast days because it is one of the most popular spots for live entertainment by local reggae and soca bands, boat races, kayaking, swim suit and volley ball competitions. Adding to Purple Turtle’s daily water sports excitement, colorful jet skis, dinghies, wind surfs, beach chairs and large umbrellas are always available for rent.

Several local restaurants can be found along the road sides where cold drinks, snacks, cocktails and locally made fruit juices are readily available. Common dishes include local foods such as fish broth, fried fish with salad, fish cakes (accras), soups and other spicy dishes such as barbecue ribs and jerk chicken. Some of these restaurants are Big Papa’s Restaurant houses both a restaurant and sports bar, Blue Bay Restaurant entices its customers with its romantic setting and delicious French and local cuisine, The Purple Turtle Beach Club — a two storey building located on the beach is a popular hangout spot for tourists and young persons, The Sailor Man’s Club, an elegantly decorated restaurant that is also situated on the beach front and serves an assortment of local cuisine and drinks.

Purple Turtle Beach is conveniently located near various historical sites such as the Cabrits National Park, Fort Shirley, the Indian River, known as the deepest river on the island, Douglas Bay, and Prince Rupert Bay, which all tell of the country’s colorful historical past and are all concentrated towards the most northerly tip of the island. A forty-five minute drive from the Purple Turtle Beach takes you to the northern end of Dominica.

Here is also a favorite spot for navigators who are warmly welcomed into the tranquil shores of the island. Many of visitors choose to remain in the comfort of their sail boats, while others may rent guest houses, hotel rooms or villas in other parts of the island. Access to the beach is facilitated by readily available taxi services and car rental agencies that offer a wide variety of vehicles such as vans, jeeps, trucks, scooters and cars to suit each visitor’s vacation needs.

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