Dominica Woodford Hill Beach

The Woodford Hill Beach in Dominica has acquired attributes that are very distinct from the regular black sand beaches found on the island. Situated on the northwestern coast, this beach has inherited golden sand as a result of the coral reef formation in the area, as many of the other beaches found on that part of the island.

Although the island has been mainly reputed for its volcanic nature, much has not been said about the stunningly beautiful light brown, pink and white sand beaches that dot the north eastern coast.

The Woodford Hill Beach is one of those, and has been untouched due to its distance away from the capital and residential areas. It is approximately two miles away from the main village, and showcases one of the island’s best maritime sceneries, which include a mile of aquamarine shallow waters that are very safe for kids, mooring and bathing.

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As most of the bath spots on Dominica, this beach also provides an excellent spot for snorkeling, beach tubing, kayaking and other land sports such as volleyball, horseback riding and racing. Frequent sightings include that of star fish, turtles, blow fish, red snapper, groupers and dolphins, among other exotic species. A wide variety of coral reefs and tropical sponges can also be appreciated. According to the 2006 scuba diving exclusive annual report, Dominica is ranked number one in the world for Top Marine Life, Healthiest Marine Environment and Top Small Animals, third in Top Dive Destinations, and fifth for Top Dive Destinations. Hence, visiting the island’s shores will definitely be an entirely fulfilling experience.

This beach is frequently visited by hundreds of tourists who visit the island with the intention of finding the perfect get away sites for relaxation and fun. It is isolated, very private, and creates a perfect “Blue Lagoon” setting. Being surrounded by rain forest, a sudden encounter with towering coconut palms and bushy shrubs that align the inner shores is indeed a breathtaking surprise. Cliffs of moderate heights enclose various areas into intimate coves and bays that can be accessed by dinghy, sail boats, rubber tubes or swimming. Following the necessary safety measures is however a demand in order to avoid the loss of life or other accidents.

Currently, a 5 star hotel resort is being constructed and will include some parts of the beach which will be made available exclusively to guests.

While the untouched ruggedness of the island has had its setbacks, it has been the feature that has led Dominica to stand out as one of the world’s top eco tourist destinations, and shows a lot of potential for the further development of the country by enabling it to improve its eco tourism product.

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